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من نحن ؟


تتمحور التدخلات حول السرية والثقة لتوفير هيكل رعاية لتشجيع التوازن في حياة الشخص.


في مركز نيورون للرعاية النفسية، نركز عليك. نحن نقدم رعاية شخصية لمساعدة الشخص على تحقيق الاستقرار المتكامل في حياته.


نحن نقدم أقصى درجات الجودة في الرعاية ، ونحافظ على أعلى معايير الخصوصية والسرية ، ونتصرف بأمانة ونزاهة في جميع الأوقات. نقدم العلاجات القائمة على الأدلة والتدخلات ومعايير الرعاية. تعزيز وعلاج المرضى باحترام وكرامة ضمان سهولة الوصول مع مراعاة الثقافة والاستجابة. خلق أجواء علاجية وآمنة مع المساءلة المستمرة من خلال ملاحظات المريض المنتظمة ، وتبني نهج غير قضائي ومتعاطف.

فريق العمل العظيم للخلايا العصبية

تعتمد عيادة نيوران دائمًا على أعلى الكفاءات المهنية والإدارية لضمان
أعلى درجات رضا العملاء


The Psychological life sustainability of others is our responsibility

We always keen to develop ourselves included tools, premises and our team work to ensure maximum results for our patients in shortest time to achieve the highest rate of customer satisfaction.


What our clients say

I remember more than 3 years ago, I was feeling lost in hope and faith in my life. I had been battling with chronic depression that I did not understand for so long. i felt had no desire to continue living without purpose and meaning in my life. it was then that I decided I need to do something to understand what I was going through. I had to gather all my courage when I decided to go into therapy determined to get some answers and with Dr. Eva's exceptional and excellent care and guidance I was able to find the courage and strength to find resources within myself I did not know existed within me to overcome difficult challenges in facing my past traumas with courage and dignity. I was able to find my authentic power through the journey within. it is painful but it's possible that powerful transformation and growth await as I diligently do the work necessary for healing my inner wounds by faith and believing in myself that I can do it and I am able to reclaim my authentic power in the process. I am still on my healing and recovery journey and it is worth all the work. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Eva's selfless dedication to helping people to regain their lives powerfully through the journey within.
Maritess GM
Positive Life Changes
Student Going to therapy was one of my last resorts, while being reluctant to receive the help I finally resorted to Neuron psychological center. The whole team went above and beyond to support and guide me throughout the process, from providing me with my patient's rights to checking up and supporting with appointments and anonymity. I would like to thank my therapist Eva for truly taking my hand and guiding me to truly find myself and constantly overcome my traumas and hardships by giving me sustainable tools and skills. Therapy is not a simple pill that ends all pain, it’s the process of healing and finding your truest self. I truly would more than recommend Neuron psychological center and I am more than grateful that it was once recommended to me
Ms. Shama
Business Marketing specialist