Research shows that most people who receive psychotherapy experience drastic improvements and relief to better functioning in their lives. About 75 percent of people who choose psychotherapy show benefits from it. It will improve emotions and behaviors linked with positive changes in the brain and body. It reflects on changes within the person learning how to integrate their abilities and capabilities to benefit themselves in changes mindset, problem solving, and logical reasoning. The individual also gains awareness, understanding, training and prevention on managing conscious and subconscious fears.

With the use of brain imaging techniques researchers have been able to see changes in the brain after a person has undergone psychotherapy. Numerous studies have identified brain changes in people with mental illness (including depression, panic disorder, PTSD and other conditions) as a result of undergoing psychotherapy.

To receive results out of psychotherapy, approach therapy as a collaborative effort, being open and honest and follow you’re agreed upon plan for treatment. Choosing to follow some of the techniques in therapy such as writing in a journal, art/drawing, reading, and exercises will enhance treatment.